Cover Top hand crocheted
Cover Top hand crocheted
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These little gems come from alpaca fiber produced at BI Bar Ranch in Black Forest, CO and are hand crocheted, making them extra special and made in the USA.  Beautiful open lace crochet work in a sumptuous blend of all natural fibers - 80% suri alpaca and 20% merino.  These women's cover tops are great for layering and add a touch of elegance.  Only 3 available, 1 each in rasberry, teal and purple.  FYI - They all stretch to about 52 inches around but each is a different length.  From the shoulder, the teal one is 32 inches long, the rasberry 30 inches long and the purple 27 inches long.  You won't find these anywhere else!  Unique gift and a one-of-a-kind item.  

CARE:  Hand wash and lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight.
Price:  $150.00 
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